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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 13, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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plymouth and norwood. singment digit. feels like 4 out there. almost a dangerous cold if you are not dressed to encounter it are not dressed to encounter it. that stinging cold outside and through 7:00, we continue with single-digit readings. as far as the wind chill into central massachusetts, eastern mass. all into lower teens.
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noontime, we have seen very little movement in the wind chills. expect it to be a cold, raw, blustery day. luckily, we are talking generally dry weather. 24 to 32. i think it will be lucky if we get a 32-degree reading. most of us staying well below freezing and of course wind chills are much lower than that. on and off clouds. i will time out how long the wind and cold stick around coming up in a few. julie, send it over to you for a check on the roads julie shiri, you and i were talking where we would expect to see trouble spots. were able to clear the major roads but the driveway and side roads that we will have conditions that won't be exactly perfect. leave a few minutes early and scrape off your car. route 3, 93 south through medford into somerville look good. pike open through framingham and the alston-brighton area. snow on the side but roads through brighton not clear.
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from the braintree split to the pike. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. just coming up on 4:03 this morning. new this morning, investigators are looking for the coughs a fire that damaged part of a multifamily home in lowell. fire started just before midnight on agawan street. two apartments on the second floor had extensive damage this morning. 13 people lived in the building 13 people lived in the building. the lowell sun reports police had been at the building on monday night for a domestic incident, but unclear if that is related to this fire. also new this morning, a boston fire fighter is hurt while battling this fire in mattapan. the flames were started at around 6:30 last night. seven residents lived inside the triple decker on cummings highway. the top floor suffered the most damage. one fire fighter suffered minor burns and was treated at a local hospital. develop at this hour, the
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american sailors. iranian authorities seized two american boats in the persian gulf. iran is questioning them about spying. john kerry says the situation is not hostile and he expects the sailors to be released soon days after the nuclear action will be put into action. the u.s. is supposed to unfreeze a billion dollars in iranian assesses a -- assets. the president did not mention the incident with the sailors but instead he stuck to his script what he feels will be a busy and final 8th year in office. karen kaffa has the latest for capitol hill. >> reporter: president obama spoke for one hour at the u.s. capitol and struck an upbeat tone of the u.s. and the future but a less current of upcoming
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the rhetoric on the campaign trail >> the president of the united states! >> reporter: president obama's final state of union address struck an optimistic tone, an agenda with a optimistic future agenda with a optimistic future. >> i just don't want to talk about next year. i want to focus on the next five years, the next ten years and beyond. >> reporter: the president addressed some of the division in congress and urged members to work together. >> democracy grinds to a halt without the willingness to compromise. >> reporter: with recent terrorist attacks on the minds of many, the president discussed how he expects to handle isis. >> if congress is serious about winning this war and wants to send a use. authorize a military use against isis. take a vote. >> reporter: nikki haley gave the republican response and offered a different perspective offered a different
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dangerous terrorist threat since september 11 and this president appears unwilling or unable to deal with it. >> reporter: the path ahead for the president won't be easy. election years are difficult to get things done. >> i believe in change because i believe in you, the american people. and that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. >> reporter: on capitol hill, i am cavern kafa. >> daniel: cnn reports the president will take his message out to omaha, nebraska and baton raj, louisiana to talk about things he outlined during the speech. a 9-year-old boy at mass general. he is a refugee from syria. a bombing killed his three siblings and he lost both arms. he went to congress through representative seth moulton. through a tran later he said he
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>> i want to help people both in syria and also here in america. >> reporter: another guest of the state of union is john is than rose thal a local advocate and works with the police department to fight drug addiction. developing this morning, south korea military has reportedly fired warning shots along the board we are north korea. a drone from the north crossed into south korean territory. the drone returned after shots were fired. tensions are high between the two nations following the nuclear test by north korea last week. happening today, we are just hours away from the huge powerball drawing. this morning, the jackpot stands at $1.5 billion. stores across the state are making plans to deal with the big crowds expected to line up for tickets today. we talked to the manager at desoro's market in framingham and he plans to open a second machine and have it dedicated to powerball tickets.
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compilations will be bought. >> every time the lottery is drawing, everyone has come to buy their lottery tickets. everybody wants a piece of that everybody wants a piece of that. >> i think if they already have their tickets, people are like i want one more. that's what i will be doing. one more chance to win. >> julie: one more chance. the winner of this massive jack the winner of this massive jackpot gets $935 million if they take the cash option. after taxes, a cool $951 million. we will have the numbers live at 10:59 p.m. later this morning we will be live at the massachusetts store that sells the most tickets in the state. stay with us. it is 4:08 right now. police in one local town are looking for vandals who keep targeting the same neighborhood targeting the same neighborhood. at least a dozen homes in salem at least a dozen homes in salem, new hampshire were hit while homeowners were sleeping. some of the graffiti is too upsetting to show.
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wrote "we're back." homeowners that you can imagine are rattled. >> almost kind of challenging. they must have it in for somebody because seems like they are picking the same neighborhood both times. >> police are offering $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a business owner donated the reward money. this morning, fans are concerned about two key members of the new england patriots. we are waiting to see if rob gronkowski will return to practice today. gronk was the only starter missing from practice yesterday. the team did not say why gronk was absent and is not required to announce injuries until today. there is also controversy surrounding defensive end chandler jones. we just reported on the fox25 news at 6:00, jones was treated and released from a local hospital on sunday. it happened after he went to the foxborough police department seeking help for a medical problem. weei says jones was out of sorts and partially dressed when he arrived at the police station. a few minutes later an officer
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here a report spigot his keys off the kitchen table. i was able to lock the front door if you want to pass along to the officer involved in the detail before this happened just to let you know. >> julie: police sources say that class d is usually a reference to a class d drug is how marijuana is classified under massachusetts law. the patriots say jones had not missed a practice or team meeting this week. our catherine parrotta is head our catherine parrotta is heading to foxborough land have a live report in the next hour. this morning new hampshire state police are looking for the driver of a tractor-trailer who hit a police cruiser and never stopped. here is a picture of the damage to that cruiser. the crash happened on i-89 in warner new hampshire during last night's messy commute. the state trooper was pulled over helping another car. when police say the truck was driving too fast and slid into the cruiser. the truck had a canadian license plate. this morning, two people are still in the hospital in critical condition after a crash that tied up the morning
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they were involved in this wrong way crash on route 128 in lexington. we followed it as breaking news four yesterday morning. traffic was backed up for miles for about two and a half hours. police say a 20-year-old wayland woman and 27-year-old dracut man were involved, but it is still unclear this morning which one of the cars was driving the wrong way. it is now 4:11. in boston two men are recovering in the hospital after a four-car crash. expected hear the state. house on beacon street and tremont way. a witness tells us it was a frightening ordeal. here is the.information, a jeep slammed into intersection backwards, slammed into two parked cars and a hit person. >> we saw a flash. the guys in front of me were hit before i was. smashed in the front. i got away pretty clean. >> julie: the pedestrian and the driver of the jeep were taken to the hospital. no word if the driver will face any charges.
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earlier, an elderly woman was killed in a crash in roslindale killed in a crash in roslindale. the 88-year-old was hit by a car on washington street near beach street. the driver did stop and police are investigate the crash. the victim has not been identified. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. here is a look at those live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin; however, this is the morning you want to leave a few minutes early so you have time to scrape any of the slush or snow off of your car. shiri. >> shiri: in the worcester area 3 inches of snow. name is ayer. foxborough two and a half. each bridgewater just under an inch and a half and brighton and boston about an inch of snow, still falling on the cape. i have got the timeline on that and how chilly the wind chills will be when we come back. it has been a long-standing rule, clear out the snow or pay a fine, but that could soon be changing. why an entire group of people could be ex-e. from shoveling
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there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. . happening today, lawyers for comedian bill cosby will return to federal court in massachusetts. cosby wants evidence from a civil case kept against him kept confidential. seven women claim the tv star sexually assaulted them. cosby's attorney said the information has invasive and intimate details about him.
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pennsylvania where a woman claims she was sexually assaulted by him. a emt who killed a college student is appealing his murder conviction. seth mazalia was accused of killing lizzie marriott. they say he strangled her with rope when she refused his sexual advances. the star witness admitted to luring marriott to the apartment. the state has a month to respond. a local family is trying to keep a convicted killer locked up. 33-year-old cory flynn was rape and killed in her home in hyde park. her killer gerard caffey is seeking pa the second time of a apologizing to flynn's family. but family and friends do not believe him. >> this time around he lied to the board and he said this time around he is telling the truth. it showed his personality.
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board will review and vote on his request. now 4:16. this morning a teenager shot by a stray bullet in brockton remains in critical condition. this story was breaking on the fox25 news at 10:00 on monday night. 17-year-old zack silenger was in the apartment when there was a bullet. a shootout near his home and one of the bullets went through wall. zack's father tells us by phone that the family is hoping for the best. >> he is a good kid. he is caring. he is loving. we are hanging in there the best we can. we are being there for him and accepting prayer. >> julie: no suspects have been arrested. brockton police say there was also a second shooting in that area earlier on monday. right in the middle of the cold and flu season, there is a major recall for children's cough syrup. we already reported that stop and shop made a similar recall last week. now the perrig o company is recalling the grape and cherry liquid cough syrup for incorrect markings on dosage cups.
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in 4-ounce bottles in cvs, rite aid and dollar general. to see if that medication is part of that recall go to perrigo's web site. 4:17 and let's look at the maps, green traffic flow which means volume is very reasonable and light; however, you do want to leave the house a little early to scrape off your car. be careful in the neighborhood and side roads because could be a little snowy and slushy. the expressway moving along pine pike clear from framingham through the weston tolls and wide open in brighton. 11 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. 11 minutes from 106 to 128. 13 minutes on 895 in order as you approach 128. shiri, something else i want to mention i heard jess reyes say the wind when she was coming into work was so strong you could feel it shaking the car. another concern you are watching. >> shiri: absolutely. especially those high-profile vehicles where the wind can grip you and yank the steering wheel a bit. because i have the last of the snow on the cape right now and
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between now and 5 a.m. really 4:30 to 5 a.m. that's it for the snow. we are cleaning up 1 to 3 inches. there is no melting expected today because temperatures will stay below average. wind and cold now going to be our big focus. so even as we look at the big picture, now you can see that we still have, outer cape down to nantucket, some snow falling right now this.isn't going to give you much additional snow. we are looking at a fraction of an inch left to go. the rest of the area, clouds are breaking a part out into western massachusetts right now western massachusetts right now. worcester, 19 degrees. i have got winds at 17 miles per hour. check out your feels-like temperature. your wind chill is only 4. in boston, 26 degrees. we have got 22-mile-per-hour winds sustained. even stronger gusts feels like it is only 12 down toward somewhere like plymouth right now. 26 degrees. your wind chill, 14, because you have those 14-mile-per-hour winds. now let's go up into new hampshire. keene, new hampshire at 23
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your wind chill, 14. so wind chills are in the singles and the teens now and will continue to -- to see those linger really throughout the day. very little movement as far as those wind chills go. 29 is your forecasted high temperature in boston. 28 in bedford. 24 in worcester. 28 in nashua. upper 20s down the south shore even 30s for the cape and islands and what you will find out there today, a lot of on and off clouds. there may be a lingering temperature in, but i think that will be the exception not the rule. the rule is really going to be dry, windy weather today. winds will gust as high as 45 miles per hour. you will find them peaking here from mid to late morning, even around lunchtime today but the results will be those twhails will linger into the teens, even this afternoon. and then overnight tonight, although the winds lighten up it will be cold out there. thermometer readings in the teens. the wind chill, add a little wind to the mix. wind chills in the single digits.
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and scattered clouds. no more than a couple of ocean no more than a couple of ocean-effect snow showers for the outer case. and dry forecast tomorrow. look at the lows tomorrow night. not even the wind chill. temperatures back into the teens by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and tomorrow's high temperatures are going to be close to freezing. if you are looking for a little warm-up, i have got good news because friday i do bump you up to 40 degrees. on and off clouds. a slight chance for a temperature in and look at this weekend weather on saturday, a mix of rain or snow depending on where you are still ironing out where we get that rain snow line. best bet for snow central western massachusetts and southern new hampshire are temperatures are tuck? the 30s. we get 40 degrees in boston. likely seeing more rain than snow and also some wind on top of that. we cool down into sunday with only some flurries left, but we will have to watch monday again for the potential of some light snow accumulation. back to you, guys.
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a local essential torl under fire this morning over dry-cleaning. still coming your way, what we learned about the freebies that some say should cost him his job. a dream come true for a
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how his school and stranger fire cruise in california spend most of the day trying to pull a man from a ten-foot sewer line. the guy was working on the line when the trench collapsed around him. took showers but crews were able so shore up the trench and able to get him out. he was a little shaken up but okay. snow caused a massive backup in indiana. 40 cars and trucks got caught up on the crash on interstate 275. six people suffered minor injuries. the big stretch of road is no stranger big accidents. it in 2015, 80 cars collided killing a 12-year-old girl. oil prices continue to fall and we are now at a 10-year low. the price of crude oil dropped below $30 a barrel the lowest price since december of 2003. at the pump the national average is below $2 a gallon. rides to the hospital to new york could come with n a
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using ride-sharing program lift to handle about 10% of its medical transport in new york city. national med trans arranges nonemergency medical training for people. lyft is looking to expand the program in other cities. a family photo from ceo mark zuckerberg is causing a firestorm. he posted this shot with his baby daughter with doctor's visit. time for vaccines. as you can imagine those against vaccines are not happy with it. thousands chimed in for and against his decision. zuckerberg responded that vaccines work and are important for the health of everyone in our community. a canton high school senior a canton high school senior's dream came true when he played in his first high school hockey game. [cheering] >> reporter: 18-year-old senior and team manner maddie macony has a rare and incurable disease that kept him off the ice all four years, but on
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against stoughton scores his first goal in a plan hatched by both teams' coaches. >> i like to score a lot of goals out there. it was a lot of fun. >> could you see a smile on his face made it all worth it. he was really excited. >> daniel: maddie also plays in a disability league but it had been his goal to play in a high school game before he graduates. congratulations to him. a local mom is faced a life-saving decision when her daughter has a seizure. how she managed to stop two police officers in the street to get her little girl the help she needed. plus the powerball is all anyone is talking about this morning, and where you buy your ticket could make a difference.
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stores in the now at 4:30, new this morning, fire tears through an apartment overnight. the extensive damage to the call home. multiple mysteries surrounding the new england
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what we learned of an
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